Fashion and Identity

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This is a post that I have been wanting to share for a few months now but I wasn't sure if this was a relevant topic or if what I wanted to say made any sense. I love the topic of fashion and identity and I often think about the factors that build one's identity, especially regarding fashion. What makes a person wear skinny jeans and not flared jeans? or in general terms, what determines your choices, is it really you? or is it the market? 

First of all, how do I know that I like what I really like and it is not something that the market or society wants me to like? This probably sounds like a tongue twister. But going back to the question, I think it is not that easy to determine why we choose one thing over the other one or how our taste is created. 
The first thing that comes to my mind is that the market plays an important role in our choices. You aren’t going to buy something that the market doesn’t sell, that’s obvious, so we are getting what they want us to consume. We have a variety of things to choose from but this doesn’t mean that we are free in all senses. 
This is a general idea, let's focus on fashion. Who controls the fashion industry? that would be the most important brands that make it to fashion week. They propose to us new styles for the next season. Right after, the fast fashion retailers start working on new pieces based on the proposals of those designers. So what we get at the end is calculated by the big brands. 

Moreover, I think that this sense of “identity” is slowly disappearing. Think about globalisation. Trends are becoming global. Markets used to have have a tough task making a collection that different countries were going to love. Each country has its different values, different notions of fashion and taste. Now, with globalisation, these barriers are vanishing which is great for markets and we have fashion more accessible thanks to online shopping but at the same time, a country’s own fashion identity is no longer that definite, although I must say that we can still see clues that determine a country’s certain style, for example think about the different fashion weeks and you will see that Paris FW is more classy and dressier whereas Milan FW, is always more colourful and extravagant. 

But even if I still believe in the pessimistic view of the market wanting to control us, I think that we conserve our own identity which is reflected in our clothes. There is always a personal reason why we choose one garment over the other, and that my friends, is what style is all about. I think that clothes mirror our personality in some way or another even though sometimes we are attracted to clothes that we will never wear. I’m thinking about the trends that come and go and I wonder if I am faithful to my own style. For instance, the 70s are back, would I have worn that style a few years ago? would I wear this style if it wasn’t on trend? But on the other hand, we change. Our personalities and tastes change and we aren’t the same person as we were yesterday. So it is reasonable that our style changes as we change. We are in a constant evolution and in a process of self-discovery so I guess that's why we own so many things which are so different and why at the end we end up wearing half of them. We just want to feel part of a trend but we realise that it doesn't represent us 100%. As I always say fashion shouldn't be strict and follow the rules, it should be fun, a creative outlet which at the end represent our identity. 

I'm aware that there are many other factors that define one's style, so I would love to open a discussion because I don't know much about this and I would like to know your thoughts on how we make our own fashion choices and how these create our own sense of identity.

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REVIEW | Dealing With Redness: Clinique Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder


Today I would like to talk you about a product that I have been using for the last two months and that is the Clinique Redness Solutions instant relief mineral pressed powderthat's a long name! My skin gets red very easily and sometimes a foundation is not enough because it is still noticeable and I don’t like to wear a heavy foundation everyday.
Most brands make green correctors to cover redness but I realised that yellow correctors worked best for me because it looks more natural since I have a yellow-undertone. I’ve had been using a cream stick corrector from Benefit (You’re Bluffing!) for a long time but they discontinued it and trying to find an alternative I came accross with this Clinique powder.
What I like about it is that it is especially designed for redness and it claims to provide an instant relief. I have tried it when I was looking extremely red and my skin felt like burning, and guess what, it worked. It calmed my skin significantly and I was very shocked. It looked a little bit on the pink side but not extremely red. I wouldn’t say that it covers the redness of my blemishes but they look less inflamed and red. 
It says that you can wear it alone, under or over foundation. I think that alone is not enough for me, so I use the powder under or over it or with a bb cream when I want a more natural look. 
When I was reading the packaging, I saw that it contained probiotic technology something that I would see in yogurts and now they added it to make up! What I think it is supposed to do is to remove the bad bacteria and leave the good ones or something like that, I’m not sure! It is also oil and fragrance free. 
The lasting power is not amazing because it does wear off with sweat but it's not a big problem because when you do some touch-ups it doesn’t look caky. Without taking into account that problem, it stays on for at least 3-5 hours. 
I would recommend this product to anyone who is dealing with rosacea or redness. It calms the skin leaving it very natural and it is suitable to all skin types.

Hoy me gustaría hablaros de un producto que he estado usando durante estos dos últimos meses y es el redness solutions instant relief mineral pressed powder –que nombre tan largo!– de Clinique. Son unos polvos minerales compactos para aliviar las rojeces. Mi piel es muy sensible y se enrojece por cualquier cosa y a veces una base de maquillaje no es suficiente porque aun se ve y no me gusta llevar una base muy cubriente todos los días.
La mayoria de marcas tienen correctores verdes para minimizar la apariencia de rojeces pero me di cuenta de que los correctores amarillos me funcionaban mucho mejor porque quedan más naturales y porque además mi piel tiende más a un color amarillo que a uno rosado. Estuve utilizando uno de Benefit (You're bluffing!) durante muucho tiempo pero lo descatalogaron y buscando una alternativa, me encontré con estos polvos de Clinique.
Lo que más me gusta es que estan diseñados especialmente para tratar las rojeces y aseguran un alivio instantaneo. Lo he probado cuando mi piel estaba muy enrojecida y con una sensacion de ardor, y adivinad qué, funcionó! Calmó mi piel de manera significante y me sorprendí un montón! En vez de estar roja, tenia ya un tono rosa y estaba menos irritada aunque no diría que cubre las rojeces provocadas por los granitos pero si que consigue disminuir un poco la inflamación y que se vean menos rojos.
Los polvos se pueden llevar solos, debajo o encima de una base de maquillaje. En mi caso, solos no seria suficiente y es por eso que los utilizo o bien encima o debajo de la base o bb cream si quiero un look mas natural.
Cuando lei la caja vi que contenía tecnología probiotica, algo que es muy común en los yogures ahora también lo han incluido en maquillaje! Lo que creo que hace esta tecnología es eliminar las bacterias que no son beneficiosas y dejar las que si, aunque la verdad, no estoy muy segura. Además esta libre de aceites y fragancias.
La duración del producto no es muy sorprendente porque con el sudor puede desaparecer antes pero no es un gran problema ya que se puede retocar sin que parezca una mascara. Y si no contamos con ese problema, puede llegar a durar unas 3-5 horas.
Recomendaría este producto a cualquiera que tenga rosacea o rojeces, es una forma fácil de calmar la piel y que se adapta a todo tipo de pieles.


Mixing styles: SPORTY FLORALS







Vest: Stradivarius (similar) | Top: Blanco (similar) | Skirt: Double Agent (similarTrainers: Converse All Star (similar| Hat: Sfera (similar) | Rings: H&M (similar)Bracelets: Coolway & Hollister (similar)

I'm right now in the center of a hurricane full of exams. I have been wanting to post this outfit for a long time but I just didn't find the time. And now I'm here taking a break.
Probably, this post has more of florals than sporty but I really like wearing trainers with everything and I mean, everything. So I decided to combine a bohemian look –florals, crochet, camel vest and hat– with sneakers, and I think it turned out quite well. 
And as you can see I love flowers and the field was full of them and the best thing I could do was take pictures of all of them and I hope you didn't get overwhelmed with so much nature!

Ahora mismo estoy en el centro del huracan rodeada de examenes. Llevo un tiempo queriendo subir este cojunto pero no encontraba tiempo para ello. Y ahora estoy aqui tomandome un descanso...
Probablemente, este post tiene mas de flores que de deportivo pero la verdad es que me encanta llevar deportivas, las llevo con todo, y quiero decir, con todo. Así que he decidido combinar un estilo bohemio –estampado floral, croché/ganchillo, chaleco camel y sombrero– con deportivas, y creo que ha quedado bastante bien.
Como podeis ver me encaaantan las flores y el campo estaba lleno de ellas asi que lo que mejor que pude hacer en ese momento era sacar algunas fotos de todas ellas y espero que no os haya saturado con tanta naturaleza!


Fashion Report | MET Gala 2015 - My Favourites



I haven’t posted a fashion report in a long time, so I thought that the MET Gala was the perfect occasion to comment about.
This is probably my favourite fashion event. Every year there is a theme and this year’s was China: Through the Looking Glass. I would say that the MET Gala is a celebration of fashion since it marks the opening of the annual exhibition of the Costume Institute and since Anna Wintour is the chair of this organisation, so I appreciate much more the extravagant dresses rather than the simple ones.
I love when people take the theme seriously and take risks, but obviously there are certain limits!
My favourite by far was Zendaya. I have been loving her fashion choices lately and the costume she wore by Fausto Puglisi for the Met Ball was incredibly beautiful.
In the picture above you can see my favourite looks related to the theme, although I haven't been able to put together all of them. Another favourite of mine was Dree Hemingway, I loved the combination of leather and the see-through fabric, something that I would definitely wear.

Now tell me, which one was your favourite?

Hace tiempo que no escribo un articulo sobre moda, asi que he pensado volver con uno de mis eventos favoritos, la MET Gala.
Cada año hay un tema y este año fue China: Through the Looking Glass. Diría que la MET Gala es una celebración de la moda ya que marca el comienzo de la exhibicion anual del Costume Institute y además de que Anna Wintour esta a la cabeza de la organización, asi que aprecio mucho más los vestidos extravagantes que los mas sencillos. 
Me gusta cuando la gente se toma en serio el tema y arriesga, pero dentro de unos límites, claro! Mi favorita sin dudarlo fue Zendaya. Últimamente me gustan mucho sus elecciones para las alfombras rojas y otros eventos y el vestido que llevo de Fausto Puglisi para la MET Gala era precioso.
En la foto de arriba podeis ver algunos de mis looks favoritos que pienso que tienen algo que ver con el tema, aunque no he podido poner todos. Otro de mis favoritos fue el de Dree Hemingway, me gusto mucho la combinacion de cuero y tela transparente, definitivamente es algo que me yo misma me pondría.

Ahora decidme, cuál fue vuestro favorito?


White On White On Denim

allwhite222 allwhite333 allwhite111
allwhite11 copia

Denim Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (similar)
Top: Stradivarius (same) or similar
Pants: Bershka (similar)
Sneakers: Nike (similar)

Today’s post is not very colourful… but I like some simplicity once in a while and now that we are approaching summer, white has gained a special place in my wardrobe –ok, let’s be honest, this may not be completely true since my wardrobe is a mess, but I wanted it to sound poetic.
However, there is something that I think that makes this outfit a little bit special and that is the t-shirt. Yes, it’s just a plain white tee, but there is a little bit more than that… I like the look of oversize clothing and this t-shirt is so long that I could wear it as a summer dress but it is open on both sides so that isn’t one of the best ideas– although I wouldn’t reject the idea of wearing it with black shorts or a skirt. The length gives me so many ideas to play around with, for instance, my favourite way is by tucking in one of the sides of the front part, so it changes its shape and falls in an interesting way.

El post de hoy no es muy colorido que digamos… pero de vez en cuando tengo una fase de básicos y ahora que nos estamos acercando al veranito, el color blanco se ha ganado un sitio especial en mi armario –vale, seamos honestos, puede que no sea completamente cierto ya que mi armario esta hecho un desastre, pero quería que sonara poético.
Sin embargo, hay algo que le aporta al conjunto algo especial y es la camiseta. Si, es solo una camiseta blanca, pero hay algo más aparte de eso… me encanta como queda la ropa que sea un poco mas holgada y esta camiseta es tan larga que podría llevarla de vestido este verano, pero como esta abierta por los dos lados, puede que no sea una de las mejores ideas –aunque  no descartaría la opción de llevarla con unos pantalones cortos o una falda negra. El largo de la camiseta me da un montón de ideas para poner en practica como por ejemplo, metiendo uno de los lados de la parte de delante de la camiseta por dentro y así cambia de forma haciéndola caer de una forma mas interesante.