FASHION | TOP 5 fashion trends 2018 that you have to try this spring and how to wear them!

You may love them or hate them but "ugly shoes" are here to stay. I personally love them, anything with a chunky heel that prevents me from wearing heels, I'm in. They are not an easy shoe but I love how it balances a more fancy outfit, that would be a suit or a flowy dress, making it look more casual and streetwear. I love playing with these juxtapositions! If you were thinking about getting the original version by Balenciaga, it's too late because they are completely sold out in their website! But here are I show you some options which are pocket-friendly too:

What would be of spring without pastels? The sweetest colors of the palette are back once more this season but this time, in a more colorful way. You've got to wear them all together! or if you prefer, wear just one shade, it would be as fashionable ;)

Plastic, probably not the best trend for summer but very convenient for the April and May showers. Chanel even made clear plastic boots for the Spring RTW collection, but a more streetwear option is wearing plastic as a raincoat or in accessories, like handbags or hats. If you are wearing a clear raincoat, wear a printed dress underneath like Aimee Song did! Have a clear plastic bag? use it as a handbag! I'm serious. Céline is selling clear plastic bags with their name on it. You can make your own version too... ;) 

I was thinking... are suits on trend because of the series? I don't know, but hey, that would be cool! However, these suits are different from the ones in the series, less corporative and easier to wear on your everyday. Since pastels are in, why don't you try a pastel suit? and also with the dad sneakers! That's definitely the look of the season. So cool and badass. If you try it, send me a pic!

The trench coat never goes out of style so what's different this time that it has become a trend now? well, anything that is inspired by this timeless piece, that can be a skirt, a dress... is in this season, but not only in a camel shade, you can find it in every color and print! It's a must in your wardrobe for the Spring months when it's not too hot but not too cold either so I would invest in a good one.

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