EXHIBITON | Fashion in films. Balenciaga's legacy in cinema

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We can't deny the importance of fashion in films, Fashion is a language that communicates a character's personality and contributes to the overall mood of the film. You can even analyze a film through the different costumes and the meaning they create in the storyline. It's something that can go unnoticed but it conveys a lot. 
Behind a movie's wardrobe, there's an incredible styling team and we can't forget about the designers' work. Now, it's unusual to associate a dress seen in a film to a specific designer. Of course, there will be times that the clothes will reveal us the designer, like in Sex & The City, where you can instantly identify a designer in Carrie's or any other character's wardrobe. This is mainly because Sex & The City is a film in which fashion has a key role. However, I think that in Old Hollywood films is easier to identify designers. The main reason is that back then, there were fewer important designers and with important I mean that they were known for creating an identifying style and creating newer definitions of the woman of the time. 
Cristóbal Balenciaga was one of those designers that collaborated in cinema. His designs can be seen in many old Spanish films (he was actually from Spain!) and also in Old Hollywood ones. Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn among others, wore his designs in and outside the films. 
Balenciaga's style was very different from Dior's "New Look". He also focused on the woman's femininity but preferred to create big volumes instead of emphasizing the hourglass figure like Dior did. He did all this respecting the elegance of a woman, as Diana Vreeland said "Balenciaga believed in the grace and dignity of women, making each one in an extraordinary and unique being".

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