Beautiful things


Everytime I read a magazine, I always get obsessed with the things that I see… The picture above is the proof of that!

Let's start with the shoes that I saw in DelPozo Fall 2013 collection. I love them. The plastic flowers –I think it's plastic or something similar– look childish but I like them! I'm not sure if I would wear these shoes but they are cute :)

The Issey Miyake bag is called Bao Bao. The design is very original and unique. I don't know where I can find it but I'm really interested on seeing it because it looks very flexible!

The Christian Dior sunglasses caught my attention. I love the shape and the colors, they are classy and I  can see myself wearing them with all my outfits.

And finally, the last one, which I became obsessed with it last Friday, is BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Chic perfume. I saw it and smelled it in the latest Teen Vogue issue from April. The first thing that I always do when I get a magazine is finding the perfume pages. You can lift the page and you have there the fragance to smell it. I'm obsessed with this perfume but they don't sell it in my country! This is a big problem.

-By the way, you all have probably heard that thing about GFC disappearing, now everyone is moving to Bloglovin'. I have already followed on Bloglovin' all of you who I was following in first place via GFC :)


  1. love that bag and the dress! Awesome post :)

  2. I like that cat eye glasses :)

  3. Great post! Those sunnies are totally on my wishlist now *__*

  4. Anonymous18.3.13

    Gorgeous Blog!
    Check out mine?

  5. The aesthetics and color on the Dior glasses looks sublime! :)

    The geometric's on the Issey Miyake bag looks delectable too.

    ▲_▲ HYENA


  6. Such a cute blog!! Maybe would you like to follow each other via bloglovin?
    I can't wait to see your next post!

  7. beautiful indeed, especially love the shoes! thanks for that hun

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  8. love love love the shoes and the sun glasses! Always love Dior!

  9. love the bag, i have one like that :)

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies