FASHION | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week O/I 2018 Samsung EGO

So it happened. I attended my very first fashion week!!! It's been a couple of weeks from it and I'm still a bit shocked by this experience. I went to Madrid on the 29th to see the collections from young designers at Samsung EGO. I love the talent and enthusiasm of these young designers because their work tends to be more unique and innovative in general.

The first show was ZER and behind it are two young designers who won the prize in the innovation category. Their work looks at the future both in the creation process and its appearance. The garments are created by 3D printers and cutting laser, techniques that big companies will implement in a few years! On the runway, we saw a lot of volumes and a streetwear look characterized by a minimalistic color palette, hoodies and mesh.

After coming back from the future, we saw Antonio Sicilia's work. His collection was inspired by the Stendhal syndrome, that is, the effects that some works of art produce on some people like a racing heartbeat and vertigo. Each look is very different from each other and he also played with the polka dots, a clear influence from Yayoi Kusama and the Spanish culture.

Then we moved to Cherry Massia, more focused on the streetwear and sportswear in the trap culture. Sportswear but in a luxe fashion represented by the satin and metallic fabrics and also in line with the boxing attire. Trap culture belongs to our millennial roots, and this collection couldn't represent more the millennial aesthetics with sayings on the clothes like "eternal fight" and "life is absurd".

Úrde Studio was next. Inspired by architecture and more exactly, windows, this collection caught my attention for using big volumes and structures in each garment. These structured volumes on skirts and dresses gave the idea of a group of windows and the pleats and draping of the skirts resembled window curtains. The color palette is very natural, going from primary colors like red, blue and yellow, to black, white and grey. All click together in this image of light and modern that windows represent.

The last show I saw was Paloma Suarez. A message like those you hear at airports opened the show and set the scene. The collection was naturally inspired by traveling and models walked down the runaway with suitcases, all wearing fun and colorful dresses. The colors and big volumes resembled a rumbero costume, maybe traveling to a tropical place? Materials like vinyl, satin and plastic gave a glossy and gleaming effect, very carnivalesque.

I decided to put a video together with all the footage I took at fashion week, attempting to become a youtuber once again 😂

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