My Fashion Week Attire

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Attending Fashion Week is one of my many dreams that I have and I’m sure that it will come true sooner or later. Meanwhile, I follow some of my favourite designers' shows live on the MBFW page from the comfort of my own bedroom. The advantage of staying at home is that I don't have to worry  about looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the shows. But I actually enjoy that part, so here I prepared an outfit that I would wear if I received a last minute invitation ;)

I would wear a palm tree print to show the world that I refuse to accept that summer is almost over and that I want to enjoy the very last days of it. I'd pair it with a denim jacket to add some casualness, but at the same time imitating that Anna Wintour glamorous and enigmatic vibe, I'd wear my classic wayfarers. And to finish off, now that sneakers are allowed on the runways, there is no excuse for me to go with my most recent and favourite pair of sneakers, perfect to run to every show and not miss any of them!

Asistir a la semana de la moda es uno de mis muchos sueños que tengo y estoy segura de que tarde o temprano se haran realidad. Pero mientras tanto, sigo algunos de mis diseñadores favoritos en directo desde la página de MBFW en la comodidad de mi propia habitación :)
Una de las ventajas de quedarse en casa es el que no me tengo que estresar por pensar que conjunto ponerme, pero la verdad es que esa parte me encanta! Por ese motivo, he preparado un look que llevaría si por alguno de los casos recibiera una invitación de última hora ;)

Me pondría un estampado de palmeras, algo muy veraniego para mostarle al mundo las pocas ganas que tengo de que se acabe el verano. Lo conjuntaría con una chaqueta vaquera para añadir un toque más casual y al mismo tiempo imitando ese halo de glamour y misterio de Anna Wintour, me pondría las clásicas wayfarer. Para terminar, ahora que las deportivas estan permitidas en las pasarelas, ya no tengo excusa para no ponermelas, son perfectas para correr de un desfile a otro y no perderme ni uno!


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  1. love that pink bag, really cute!

    i currently have a real techniques, ysl and barry giveaway on my blog if you want to enter :


  2. It's good to know that I'm not the only one sad about summer coming to an end! I love your outfit and these photos btw!

  3. Inlove how passionate you are about fashion week, and that you prepared an outfit! I never thought I would be able to go to london Fashion Week but now I do so keep trying you will be at Fashion Week for sure I can tel, from your passion!

    Much love xxx

    1. Thank you so much! This gave me strength and hope to keep on working and to make it happen! :)