April favorites!


And once again, another monthly favorites! 
This month since we had a few days of nice weather, I wanted to wear colorful things so I wore my favorite patterned pants! :) I love wearing them with a plain shirt so the pattern stands out. The first ones are really cool. I need to post an outfit because they look just like these ones from Balmain!! Ok, they are not the same but it's a very similar idea! :) I didn't realise about this until a few weeks after getting them. And the second pair has a 'jewelry' pattern. I already wore them in this outfit. I love how they look with my favorite gold sweater <3
The next thing that you see in the picture is the new Justin Bieber perfume 'Girlfriend'. I have been wearing it since I got it! :) The design is very interesting and I love collecting these kind of perfumes because they are perfect to decorate a room. It smells very nice although it doesn't last :(


The last thing that I have been wearing a lot this month are these sneakers. I got them in the sales and I can wear them with anything! pants, dresses, skirts and they can be of any color! and they are also very comfortable!

What are your April favorites? 


  1. I love your jeans! :)

  2. The pants look amazing. I need to buy new sneakers too. Haven´t found the right pair yet :)


  3. I love your patterned pants and I do totally understand why they are your favorites! :)

  4. is it the justin bieber parfum?
    lovely clothes<333

  5. Love the prints! :)
    xx MJ

  6. Tasty prints - I'm on the search for patterned prints too! :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA



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