December + January favorites!

Sin título-3

I'm a little bit late to write a December favorites so I decided to join it with January. In any case, I didn't tried many things last month, so it would have been boring...

Definitely, my favorite thing this month has been that neon pink beanie which has made all my outfits complete. I love it because when I'm wearing an all-black outfit it just gives that little extra. Moreover, out of all the beanies that I own, this one is the warmest! 
That furry thing you see in the background it's not a blanket, but it could be. I'm obsessed with how soft that coat is. It's just perfect and I call it my "polar bear coat" (just in case, it's faux-fur!)
And the last thing, it's a pair of jeans. They are not just a pair of jeans. They are my go-to jeans. I think everyone should have a pair that looks good on no matter what. I always wear them when I don't feel inspired or just because I'm too lazy...

One of my favorite songs and music videos has been "All Night" by Icona Pop! The costumes and the dance are amazing! 

And to end, a few tips on how to keep your wardrobe organized! I still have to organize mine because it's a mess and I always end up wearing the same outfits... I need to fix this routine.

Now tell me, what have been loving lately?

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