October favorites

I can't believe that we are already in November, time goes by very fast!
 Once again, I'm here with my monthly favorites.
For the last couple of years I was looking for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots. The ones that I liked were way too expensive and when I found a cheaper pair, they weren't what I was looking for. 
A few weeks ago, I saw these ones and they were the perfect ones. They had everything that I wanted: little details, simplicity and a low heel.
I have been wearing them with jeans, but I'm also excited to wear them with skirts and dresses!


This month, Miley has released Bangerz and I have been listening to it non-stop. My favorite songs are 4x4,  #GETITRIGHT,  FU, Adore You, On My Own and Wrecking Ball. This is probably her best album because of the different styles that she covers, 4x4 sounds like country and in Love Money Party she shows her rapping skills.

On Halloween I tried candy corn for the first time and it has become my new favorite candy.
 Why we don't have this here?! it's so addictive that I'm trying to control myself, too much sugar is not good.

It's nothing new that I love DIY's and I'm already thinking about the next project. I found some inspiration to make a nice display for nail polish and also to make a new mood board. I will probably end up making the last one, it looks fun to customize and it also gives some color to a boring wall.

What have you been loving in the month of October? :)


  1. I didn't know that candy existed...how does it taste?
    I love the DIY's :)

  2. Greatttt boots!

  3. These Chelsea boots are truly amazing! And wow, you bought that Miley album.. glad to hear it's good! I never was a huge fan of her but I think she's got a great voice!