Chanel Fall 2014

If you didn't know that this was the latest Chanel show, you would think that they are just fashionable people doing grocery shopping. Chanel joined the food trend but this time by turning the runway into the Chanel Shopping Center.
As you can see in the bag details, my favorite ones are the "lait de Coco" and the tray with a delicious Chanel bag-looking meat cake inside.
The comfy looks consisted of woollen sweaters combined with very colorful sneakers – I'm so glad sneakers won't abandon us next fall! – The ones with the holographic detail are beyond perfect! 

What caught your attention at the Chanel runway?


  1. I love the concept of this show! Not that big of a fan of those sneaker. But I totally agree that it's great to see that sneakers won't leave yet.

    I especially liked the Chanel bag with the pearls actually ^^

    x Aurélie

  2. absolutely loved this fall collection from Chanel! such a creative way of having the show at the "supermarket" hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like x

  3. I loved the idea of the Chanel supermarket, so cool! Lovely collection, although I don't think it's really my style.

  4. I loved the show, it was beyond amazing! Chanel will always be one of my favorite labels (well, at least as long as Karl runs it).